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16 frames per second allows for the smooth and ultra fast scanning that leads the industry in speed, without compromising accuracy



0.1mm accuracy, and 0.5mm resolotion, the Artec Eva scans large parts very accurately with ease



Artec Eva is compatible with a external battery, that allows us to take it with anywhere

3DMT Solution is a premier 3D scanning service provider. Utilizing the best 3D scanning technologies available we can find a solution that will fit your project and provide you with the best accuracy and the highest-quality data possible.

We use portable 3D scanning systems that are non-invasive and can easily capture data on-site for reverse engineering and inspection applications.

If you have reverse engineering and inspection projects on the go, let us help. Our team of experts will use the Artec 3D scanning technology to get the job done within budget and deadline.

It is important to include images of your proposed scanning topic, as well as any specific requirements, including file formats, as well as the use of the final data application. If possible, please mention the deadline.

Prices are from  100 EUR/hour for on-the-go scans and from 60 euro/hour for our studio scans. The price is calculated and communicated before the 3D scanning.

Get in touch with one of our 3D scanning experts to get started.

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