Standard Grey resin

Whether suspended structure or smooth surface, the modeling effect is very good, the surface of result is smooth and clean and high details in reduction. Designed for high precision pattern production, this resin is ideal for rapid prototyping and product developing.

Castable resin

The castable resin offers high detail, and rapid curing. The printed models show good strength, toughness, flexibility and high impact resistance. The resin burns out cleanly with no ash or residue.

Design Guideline


Maxium Build Volume

120 mm x 67.5 mmx 150 mm
The maximum size what we can print for this material.


Maximum Unsupported Bridge Lengh

1 mm
The span a material can print without the need for support material.


Minimum Wall Thickness

0.7 mm
The minimum thickness a wall can be printed.


Minimum Clearance

The recommended clearance is:
0.5 mm space for separating moving parts
0.2 mm space for assembly connections
0.1 mm space for providing a close knitted fit


Minimum Vertical Wire Diameter

0.3 mm
The minimum diameter a pin can be printed at.


Minimum Detail

0.4 mm
The recommended high of details that are raised or recessed below the model surface.


Minimum Hole Diameter

0.5 mm
The minimum diameter technology can successfully print a hole.


Maximum Overhand Angle

19 grade
The maximum angle a wall can be printed at without requiring support.

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