Polyamide PA12 Smooth (PA12) Powder

The PA12 (nylon) powder has good mechanical properties and excellent surface resolution, suitable for applications that require high temperature resistant objects.  This material absorbs very little moisture and resists penetration from fluids, oils, fuels, grease, and solvents. The product dampens noise and vibration, and can be post processed by cutting, drilling, painting or coating.

Polyamide PA11 Onyx Powder

PA11 Onyx Powder is a high-strength Nylon material with superior thermal resistance and durability through light, UV, andweather. Produce robust parts with impact-proof elements like enclosures, hinges and more.



Maxium Build Volume

90 mm x 130 mmx 230 mm
The maximum size what we can print for PA material.


Minimum Clearance

0.1 mm – 0.3 mm
The recommended clearance between two moving parts is 0.3 mm and 0.1 mm for connecting parts.


Minimum Wall Thickness

2 mm
Grosimea minima a peretelui care poate fi printat.


Minimum Detail

1 mm width – 2 mm height
1 mm Minimum height for Embossed details 1 mm Minimum depth for Engraved details 2 mm Minimum text font height (font size 14) for every direction


Minimum Vertical Wire Diameter

0.8 mm
The minimum diameter a pin can be printed at.


Minimum Hole Diameter

1.5 mm – 3.5 mm
1.5 mm minimum diameter size for holes.
3.5 mm minimum diameter for escape holes. Escape holes are necessary to remove unsintered powder.

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